Exakt Pak Products EXAKT-PAK's building block approach to package design let's us select from a wide array of components to custom build the right package for your sample. All you do is provide the specimens, shipping documents and dangerous good declaration.

Answer the following five questions and we"ll suggest the package(s) best suited for your application.

What are you shipping and how many are you shipping at one time? *
   Petri Dishes
   Medical Devices
   Well Plates
  Size:   L x  W x  H
  No. of Receptacles to be shipped at one time: 
  Is a fixative to be used? 
  If yes, what fixative? 
  Are you planning on shipping other items in the same package? If so, what? 

What classification does your specimen belong to? * If you're not sure visit our Resources section for more information.

What are the temperature requirements for your shipment?

How frequently do you ship?
  Will you need a reusable package?

Are there any special circumstances we should know about? For example, is this an international shipment that needs enough dry ice to stay frozen for 3 days or more?